simply Experimental Short Film Selections


Playing in Meeting Room 2

2/22 at 1:00 pm

This block of films is full of variety! Prepare to be amazed at how film can push traditional limits by adding dance, animation, music, and more!  Come take a look at this SIMPLY  Experimental block of films! Films are listed in the order they will be played.



A fast paced collection of micro-episodes about micro agressions, where everyone at a party only has only a certain number of spoons that are constantly changing hands. When you run out, you're out.

dir. Patrick J. Bresnahan

Yard Sale


In the 1800's "romage sales" began in US shipyards to sell unclaimed cargo. Over time, "romage sales" became "rummage sales" and eventually "yard Sales". YARD SALE - a chorus of life's memories for sale.

dir. Andrew Huggins & Donna Whitmore-Sexton



A young boy watches a cam-girl live-stream while his family waits for dinner.

dir. Gavin Jennings Harwell



Aware that her drinking has become destructive, Jones takes a go at living the sober life. Not wanting to be someone else’s problem, she pushes away help and comes face to face with herself and her lack of control.

dir. Stacey Maltin

The Avant Gardener


Captured through the lens of ten interlocking musical vignettes, 
(each produced in a different style of film making) we follow the story of a young Artist’s life, through the trials and challenges of self discovery.

dir. Lindsay Katt, Heather Matarazzo, Jeremiah Kipp, Carl Byrd

Night & Day


Night and Day is a story of two lives, an uncle and his nephew. Neither has ever met. The story is uniquely told via a puppet stage and marionettes.

dir. Peter Anthony

The homecoming trilogy


The Homecoming Trilogy is the story of a woman being released from prison, told through the eyes of her son, her mother, and herself. The film uses dance and music to explore this devastating, but all too common reality.

dir. Lance McDaniel