Web/New Media

Playing in Meeting Room 3

2/22 at 5:15 pm

These Sci-Fi-Tastic films will make you glad you came!  Take a look at this SIMPLY  Sci-Fi block of films! Films are listed in the order they will be played.



In a city of uncomfortable proximity, how do the gaps between us feel so wide? LINKED is an exploration of how people are inexplicably connected--through sex, loneliness, and jewelry.

dir. Stacey Maltin



A "Meet the Parents" story.

dir. Mark Needle



Rudi, formerly infected (similar in all respects to a zombie) healed and freed from his aggression and back human, chooses to go home but must clash with a world that looks at him with suspicion, forcing him to the margins.

dir. Piernicola Arena, Lillo Venezia

The mismanagement of Medwin Monroe


A Machiavellian middle manager toys with his employees in this send-up of Corporate America.

dir. Alex Wroten