simply Sci-Fi Short Film Selections

Playing in Meeting Room 3

2/22 at 4:00 pm

These Sci-Fi-Tastic films will make you glad you came!  Take a look at this SIMPLY  Sci-Fi block of films! Films are listed in the order they will be played.

Life, Upgraded


When dwindling profits threaten the romance of a maintenance robot and the daughter of a robotics mogul, they’ll take matters into their own hands to protect their love.

dir. Kyle Roberts



On this cold Chicago night, the lives of 3 men intersect and are changed forever by the chaos that unfolds around them.

dir. Shaun Graves

Kill Al


In an environment where androids are met with hostility and outrage by human beings, "Kill Al" tells the story of Femtel 216 and Femtel 303, two female synthetic beings confined to work in a sub-basement of an auditing firm.

dir. Walter Brandes & Renée Stork



A bickering family on a road trip stops at a gas station. Murielle, the mother, insists on having the car washed.

dir. Joan Bentosela