simply Drama Short Film Selections

Playing in Meeting Room 2 

2/21 at 12:00 pm

Dramatic shorts are among audience favorites! Come take a look at this SIMPLY dramatic block of films! Films are listed in the order they will be played.



Molly’s world has changed since her grandmother, Mildred, moved in. New responsibilities, new traditions, and a lot more crossword puzzles.

dir. Mike Hayhurst


dir. Mark Pinkosh


Ruby Welles navigates the streets of London’s Soho, a first date, a secret struggle and the challenge of being a single thirty something lesbian buffeted by the sounds and bustle of the West End

Coffin Decolleté


Minor girl noticed wedding preparations in her home- She was shocked because she did not expect to be the bride. 

dir. Nancy Kamal



Kim and Brendan have just come home from a night out when things get a bit out of hand. Kim is left to pick the pieces and find strength during a very fragile time. 

dir. Sean Patrick Leonard



A terminal illness brings a couple back together and rekindles a love that had lost its way.

dir. Cedric Thomas Smith