Not-so-simple family Issues Films

Playing in Meeting Room 2

2/21 at 5:30 pm

Families come in all shapes and sizes. No one ever said they'd be simple!  Come take a look at the NOT-SO-SIMPLE  Family Ties block of films! Films are listed in the order they will be played.

Safe & happy

dir. Richard Ulrich


An ex-cop who for years has kept an explosive secret from his wife and the world is suddenly exposed at a critical moment--with life-changing consequences.


dir. Ethan Cooper


After a seemingly successful bank heist, three criminals retreat to their hideaway in the woods.While celebrating their success, a discovery surfaces - creating an irreversible dispute among the thieves.

Sparky & butch

dir. Kyle Kleinecke


Imagine Starsky and Hutch are now retired but can’t stop fighting crime or chasing ladies.After a particularly dangerous episode, Butch’s son Dirk shows up to force them into an assisted living facility. 

extra innings

dir. John Gray

EXTRA INNINGS Poster (Ball) V1.1 Center

An aggressive reporter interviews the manager of the Boston Red Sox 

in an attempt to reveal secrets from his past.

the fisherman

dir. Ben Richardson & Adrian Contreras


After his mother's death, James travels to Mexico in search of the father he's never known, armed only with his father's last known whereabouts and his mother's ring.

sela (drink)

dir. Rakieka Davis


A young boy named Kamva carries the weight of his family due to the heavy drinking of his mother.