screenplay FINALISTS


A good film begins with good writing! Join us in hearing selected readings from both feature and short screenplays!



Screenwriter: Jessi Thind

Synopsis: When a woman prepares to attack a Sikh Temple in Oran, Arizona, Kumar has very little time to talk her out of hurting these Sikh Americans. All-American is a riveting, two character drama that examines the relationship between two strangers who are brought together by fate. The story focuses on two very different characters – an older East-Indian man who tries to talk a middle-aged woman out of committing an act of domestic terrorism. As the day progresses both begin to realize they have a lot more in common than they expected.

Attic Ashes (1st Runner Up)

Screenwriter: Lorraine Portman

Synopsis: A closed space thriller. Cleaning out her deceased father’s farmhouse, Piper discovers a meth lab and is forced to defend her life against a terrifying onslaught of attacks from sadistic meth cookers hell bent on protecting their secrets, while she uncovers the truth about a father she never knew.

Away With My Heart

Screenwriter: Hoyt Richards


Synopsis: A washed up, womanizing, alcoholic country singer is forced to revaluate his life when he discovers not only is he dying of cancer but he also has a twenty-year old daughter that he never knew he had.


Screenwriter: David Keogh

Synopsis: When feckless Stuart travels home for his Mum's 50th birthday, a simple trip turns into an emotional rollercoaster as he comes to terms with the reappearance of his father after nearly twenty years.

Death Whispers

Screenwriter: John Martins lll

Synopsis: In a small desert town, police sift through a labyrinth of clues to solve the connection between two murders and a missing person.

Fly Old Bird

Screenwriter: Alan Maki

Synopsis: Jon Koski, a 69 year-old widower and author with pre-demenia living in a mobile home park in southeastern Michigan, discovers his grown-up children are planning to admit him into a nursing home dealing with mental issues. Koski decides to flee in his car, opting to team up with a newly-made friend and park resident named Miller Gibbs, who is a never-married 64 year-old living with a weakened heart and desiring to visit the Ark Encounter, a full-scale replica of Noah's Ark in Williamstown, Kentucky.

Freaky AF

Screenwriter: Laron Chapman

Synopsis: Freaky AF is a new comedy that takes the familiar "body swap" genre ("Freaky Friday," "The Hot Chick," etc.) and gives it a social/political facelift. The day after the 2016 election, an early 20s, closeted gay male violently collides with a middle-aged, bigoted man in a local night club. They wake up to find themselves trapped inside the each other's body. Now, they must find a way to reverse this supernatural occurrence, but not before empathizing with each other's world view and walking a (literal) mile in their shoes (or six-inch stiletto thigh high boots, if we're being precise).

The Haunting of Reactor Five (*WINNER*)

Screenwriter: Robert Cox

Synopsis: Anton has a secret. He has the ability to see people and events by touching their personal items or places they’ve been, an ability he hates and fears. When the five-man engineering team Anton worked with is killed by sabotage at a nuclear reactor, odd and frightening occurrences begin to happen, prompting a call to Anton to investigate. Anton must overcome his fear, and with the help of the murdered team, discover the real saboteur.


Screenwriter: Robert Cox

Synopsis: Alex turns eighteen and decides to go on a camping trip by himself to think about what he wants to do with the next chapter in his life. A week later, he stumbles onto the side of a road, naked and beaten, with a ten-year memory loss due to a concussion. While he is in the hospital, an attempt is made on his life. 

Little Things Mean a Lot (2nd Runner Up)

Screenwriter: Michael Monteith

Synopsis: The true story of Kitty Kallen, including her rise from humble origins to most popular U.S. singer, is revealed amid news of her untimely death. 

Made in America

Screenwriter: Brendan Kelly

Synopsis: A young girl is forced to reach into her past and fight her way across the border to have her baby where it was America. 


Screenwriter: Al Mertens

Synopsis: The final seventy-two hours of a desperate election campaign produce startling revelations and devastating consequences for a young District Attorney and her “friend,” a priest.

Why Can't I Be You?

Screenwriter: Takeo Tanimura

Synopsis: A twisted, cynical inversion of the 80s college comedy. When a fraternity president is brutally burned in a dumpster/firework accident, his nerdy doppelganger Marvin steps in and becomes president for a time, changing hearts and minds and ultimately learning that the important things in life are NOT academics.


Can't Drive a Stick

Screenwriter: Christan Van Slyke

Synopsis: After a heist goes hilariously wrong, the amateur thief recruits an unlikely bystander to drive him to the drop point. Through chaotic misfortunes, the duo must work together to ensure a timely arrival to the meeting before facing dire consequences.

The Circle of Chawce (2nd Runner Up)

Screenwriter: Randi LeClair

Synopsis: A Native American boy’s family mythology comes to life during an at-school show-and-tell, when an unlikely and ancient guardian, who holds secrets from the past, amazes a 4th grade class in rural Oklahoma.

The Doughnut Admirer

Screenwriter: Muse Seymour


Synopsis: The monotony of working in an office everyday gets turned upside down when a bored man steps into his cubicle to find a doughnut from a deranged secret admirer that will make his work life into a farce.


Screenwriter: Bernard Riedhammer



Screenwriter: Sean Patrick Leonard & Leslie Kerrigan-Leyh

Synopsis: In a response to the Women's March, a monthly book club is turned on it's ear when it's members decide to take the law into their own hands and get down to the bottom of what is going on with our country.

Swamp Witch

Screenwriter: Ron Hervey

Synopsis: Two Louisiana men venture deep into a dark swamp to ask a witch for help with a Romeo and Juliet-type situation. After haggling, they agree on a price for her services, but it is soon obvious the witch may not be not very competent with her craft.

'Til the End of Summer (*WINNER*)

Screenwriter: Brian Du

Synopsis: A young woman with a terminal illness must cope with her inevitable death, while trying not to burden those closest to her.

Weekend Warriors (1st Runner Up)

Screenwriter: Brian McDevitt Jr.

Synopsis: A documentary camera crew records the misadventures of reservist aircraft maintainers in this workplace comedy.