simply Shocking Short Film Selections

Playing in Meeting Room 2

2/21 at 9:15 pm

Prepare to be shocked, amazed, and maybe a little bit scared! From crime dramas to all out thrillers, come take a look at this SIMPLY  Shocking block of films! Films are listed in the order they will be played.



A hitman finds himself trapped on an elevator with the man he's been contracted to kill.

dir. Makenzie Smith & Finch Nissen

Nasty habits


A young aspiring musician befriends a lonely truck driver, who picks her up as she hitchhikes her way to Los Angeles.

dir. Allisyn Arm

The highway


After getting a flat tire, a woman and daughter go on the run to avoid the pursuit of the stranger who offered to help them.

dir. Caleb Henry

Black Forest


Jura, in France. A judge asks for a reconstruction of a crime scene to shed light on all the unresolved questions of a murder. The accused, a family of three Quebecois, have to strictly recreate the crime's day in front of Justice.

dir. Jean-Marc E. Roy & Philippe David Gagné

The son, the father

dir. Lukas Hassel

The Son the Father_nolaurelkBG_FINAL (1)

The events on a young boy's birthday have twisted consequences far into his future.