simply Student Short Film Selections

Block 1

Playing in Meeting Room 2

2/22 at 10:00 am

We have two blocks of fantastic student films and this is BLOCK 1.  Come take a look at this SIMPLY student block of films! Films are listed in the order they will be played.



An insecure girl struggles to enjoy her time at a hotel pool.

dir. Halle Frieden



Wheelchair-bound Eugene is stuck in his own self-pity and lets it out on his pushover wife, Meredith. After years of being treated like a caretaker instead of a wife, Meredith begins to focus on herself.

dir. Alondra Perez

100 Beautiful things


A young boy must choose between love and justice when deciding to fight in the civil war.

dir. Molly E. Smith

Sonny boy


Sonny Boy is back from a year-long stint in India. A lot has changed since his family, and his girlfriend saw him last.

dir. Karolina Lisowski

This life


A pianist struggles with writing a piece of music after recent emotional trauma.

dir. Ryan Mobley

Back in the saddle


After suffering a debilitating cycling injury, Caleb Corff decides to sign up for the longest race he's ever done. Through the peaks and valleys of his training, he learns a priceless lesson about life.

dir. Jacob Jolly & Zachary Bush



A college girl tries a dating app for the first time. She's fun, friendly, pretty, and just happens to use a wheelchair. Let's see how this goes!

dir. Sydney Alison

Teddy Bear rescue


A boy goes on an adventure to find his teddy bear stolen by a monster under his bed.

dir. Louis Bodart



When a grandmother hesitates to try a new product designed to combat the effects of her dementia, her grandson must help her overcome her fears to improve both their lives.

dir. Matthew Hanisch

Dreaming of you


Contemporary music video.

dir. Jamal Williams

dir. Matthew Hanisch